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At Mirau Capital we continue to find ways to extend our reach and education. We believe the better educated you are in this ever-changing financial world, the better prepared you will be. In 2016 we launched our media program to make sure were getting as much good information out there as we can. Brian Mirau has been seen and featured in many different media outlets. Please find the most recent TV appearances, published articles and our radio show Smart Money below. Thanks for spending time with Mirau Capital!

Mirau Capital on TV

Brian Mirau has been featured on several network affiliate stations for his financial insights.

Watch some of his appearances below!

Economic Uncertainty

Persistent inflation, debt ceiling and overall economic uncertainty are all over the headlines. Brian Mirau visited with ABC 7 news to discuss the importance of planning during these tough times.

Taxes and Income in Retirement

Investment Advisor Brian Mirau sat down for a live interview to discuss why you should think about taxes beyond the scope of tax season. Tax and income planning are a big part of a successful retirement and its important to know your options.

Retirement Uncertainty

Investment Advisor, Brian Mirau joined KVIA News for a live interview to discuss inflation concerns and economic uncertainty. These past few years have not made it easy. The Federal Reserve started increasing interest rates to help tamp down inflation, causing a wave of uncertainty for consumers and investors. Watch now to learn more.

Social Security Uncertainty

Brian Mirau was in studio with ABC 7 News last week to discuss social security. As France pushes back its retirement age, can Americans expect the same? Tune in to this Smart Money TV interview to learn more.

Bank Failure Concerns

Last week, Brian Mirau sat down with ABC 7 news to discuss the SVP bank failure and if our bank money is safe. Just how concerning are recent bank failures? Watch this TV interview to learn more.

Maximizing Social Security

Social security is in many cases your biggest retirement income source, so you want to make sure you understand your options. Investment Advisor, Brian Mirau talked with KVIA on some of the ins and outs of Social Security. You must have a gameplan for your retirement and a big part of that is income and more specifically, Social Security income. Watch now to learn more.

The Clock is Ticking on Tax Rates

It’s hard to believe but the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is almost six years old. Brian Mirau sat down with ABC 7 news and discussed strategies to prepare for rising taxes. Have you looked to see if a ROTH Conversion could help you in retirement?

Is 2023 The Year to Retire?

ABC 7 News in El Paso, TX sat down with Brian Mirau in a live TV interview. Brian talked about what goes into retirement planning and the 5 signs you are ready to retire.

Secure Act 2.0 – Key Changes

With the new Secure Act affecting many retirees, its important to understand the key changes. Investment Advisor, Brian Mirau sat down with ABC 7 News to discuss the new Required Minimum distribution age and other key changes.

2022 Top Financial Concerns

As we wind down the year, Investment Advisor Brian Mirau talks on some of the major topics and concerns throughout the year. In this ABC 7 News interview, discussion on inflation and recession worries are addressed.

Midterm Elections – How Could Markets be Impacted

nvestment Advisor, Brian Mirau sat down with ABC 7 News to discuss the change in congress and how this could affect markets. He also answers questions on taxes and what we could see and need to prepare for.

ABC 7 Xtra – Interest rates, Inflation, Housing Market and More

Brian Mirau was joined by UTEP professor Tom Fullerton in this ABC Xtra interview. They spoke on many topics surrounding rising interest rates such as: Inflation, Housing Market and a possible Recession. Watch the exclusive interview here.

Down Economy and Money Moves

Thanks to a down economy, Americans have lost a collective $3.4 trillion from their 401ks and IRAs in the first half of 2022. So, what money moves should we consider making from here? Brian Mirau has some strategies that he shared in a live TV interview with ABC 7 news.

Inflation and Taxes – Mid Year Checkup

Finally, some positive news when it comes to inflation here in the US? Investment Advisor Brian Mirau sat down with ABC 7 news to discuss the report and also talk about a mid-year tax checkup.

Maximizing Social Security Benefits

Many retirees don’t have a solid understanding of when to start claiming their Social Security benefits and making a mistake with Social Security can be very costly. Investment Advisor, Brian Mirau sat down in this exclusive TV interview to give viewers advice.

Rising Costs and Savings

Rising costs and keeping up with your current financial obligations – like raising kids and paying for college – means some Americans are tempted to hold off on saving for retirement. They think it makes sense to wait until the kids have grown and there’s more money to save. The problem? It’s easy to say you’ll save more later, but as Investment Advisor Brian Mirau explains, a lot of empty nesters are struggling to keep that promise to catch back up.

Taxes in Retirement

Being tax efficient can be the difference in a short lived or full retirement of your dreams. There are many misconceptions about taxes in retirement and its important to understand those. Investment Advisor representative Brian Mirau talked with KVIA ABC 7 News.

Bear Markets and Retirement

Spiking energy prices, high inflation, volatility, and tax increases on the horizon. Brian Mirau is here to help you keep the right perspective during tough economic times. He visited with ABC 7 News on this and more.

Inflation and Savings Accounts Running Low

Investment Advisor Brian Mirau spoke to ABC 7 News about red hot inflation. Still no relief and Americans' savings account running low. Brian gives some tips on helping you deal with inflation.

Peak 65, Inflation and Yearly Goals

Brian sat down with KVIA ABC 7 news to talk about inflation and other topics related to your retirement.

Bear Markets and Balance

KVIA ABC7 News interviewed Investment Advisor Brian Mirau. Brian discusses market volatility, recession possibilities and what you can do as an investor.

Are We Heading for a Recession? – KVIA TV Interview 2022

High inflation, supply chain issues, and a dip in GDP are factors that have some economists predicting we are headed for a recession. You might be wondering is now a safe time is to retire. Investment Advisor Brian Mirau sat down with ABC 7 News to talk it through.

High Inflation Could Push Retirees Back to Work - KVIA Interview, ABC 7 News

Inflation is continuing to soar this year! Brian Mirau with Mirau Capital Management wants to help you prepare for other financial shocks you might encounter in retirement. He sat down with KVIA news in a live TV interview.

Interest Rate Hikes - KOAT Interview 2022

For the first time in three years, interest rates are up! I joined @koat7 to share why we see these rate hikes and how it could affect your wallet. #financialadvice #housingmarket #interestrates

What's Your Money Personality - KVIA Interview 2022

When it comes to our finances, everyone has a different approach. Some are savers while others are spenders. Brian Mirau joined KVIA to talk about finding your money personality and how you can use it to set yourself up for financial success.

Couples and Money – KVIA Interview 2022

Finances may not be your normal date night conversation, but studies show couples who talk about their finances are happier. Brian Mirau shared tips with KVIA to help you start that conversation with your sweetheart.

Student Loan Repayment Freeze Extended – How to Make the Most of it

Student loan borrowers are thrilled after President Biden extended the student loan payment freeze. Brian Mirau talked with KVIA about how borrowers can tackle their debt in the meantime.

Student Loan Repayment Freeze Extended

Student loan borrowers are getting more relief. Brain Mirau spoke with KVIA about what President Biden’s new repayment freeze means.

Social Security recipients are getting a boost to their checks, the largest increase in 40 years!

Brian Mirau spoke with KOAT about why the increase might not help as much as you think He also shared tips to help you get the most out of your benefits.

Spending Bill & Proposed Tax Changes

We’re still watching and waiting for a decision on new proposed tax hikes. Brian Mirau talked with ABC-7 KVIA’s Mark Niethamer about the steps you can take to protect your money from any possible tax hikes.

Don’t let debt drag you down!

KTSM 9 News of El Paso, TX stopped by to talk with financial professional Brian Mirau about his four tips for paying off debt.

Tax Scammers

Be on the lookout this tax season for scammers who want your tax refund! Financial professional Brian Mirau talked with KOB4 News of Albuquerque, NM about the red flags to watch for and how to protect yourself.

  1. File Early
  2. Watch for Red Flags
  3. Safety First
  4. Adjust Your Withholding

Click here for the new IRS Withholding Calculator

Click here to report a suspicious email to the IRS.

Click here if you believe you are a victim of Tax ID Theft.

Before you say “I do”

Before you say “I do,” get to know the financial side of your partner. Financial professional Brian Mirau talked with KFOX about the four questions couples need to be asking before walking down the aisle.

Q1: Are you a spender or saver?
Click here for a budget worksheet

Q2: How much debt do you have?
Click here for a debt worksheet

Q3: How many kids do you want?
Click here to calculate your child’s costs

Q4: How will we save for retirement?


Summer Spending Tips

It’s easy to let spending get out of control in the summer. Financial professional Brian Mirau talked with KFOX about four ways you can get your spending in check during the summer months.

  • Budget, Budget, Budget
  • Control Credit Card Spending
  • Pay Attention to Details
  • Think Long-Term


Congrats 2018 Graduates!

The Class of 2018 still has a lot to learn when it comes to financial matters! Many are relying on Mom & Dad to pay their bills, like groceries, insurance or rent. Financial professional Brian Mirau talked with KFOX to share tips to help recent grads and their parents.

  • Track Every Dollar
  • Pay Down Debt
  • Give Yourself a Head Start
  • Save For Emergencies

Click here to see how much parents’ finances can be affected by helping adult children.


Tax Season Is Over...What Now.

Tax season may be over, but now is the perfect time to start planning for taxes in the future. Financial professional Brian Mirau talked with KVIA about some of the biggest tax planning mistakes Americans make, and what we should be doing instead.

  1. Not Adjusting Withholding
  2. No Plan for Charitable Giving
  3. Not Maximizing Retirement Contributions
  4. Saving in One Place


KFOX Scoop On Savings - Tax Returns

Buy a new gadget or pay off the credit card? Go on a sunny vacation or start an emergency fund? 62% of Americans are expecting to get a tax refund this year. If you are planning on receiving a refund, financial professional Brian Mirau from Mirau Capital Management talked with KFOX about how to revamp your refund and make your money work for you.

2018 Tax Return Scammers

A warning as you get ready to file your taxes: scammers may have their sights set on your refund! Financial professional Brian Mirau talked with KVIA about the steps filers should take to protect their refund and their identity. See the video interview for more…

  1. File Early
  2. Watch for Red Flags
  3. Be Secure
  4. Adjust Your Withholding

Click here for the new IRS Withholding Tables
Click here to report a suspicious email to the IRS.
Click here if you believe you are a victim of Tax ID Theft.


Financial Bucket List:

Many of us have a bucket list, or even a few thoughts about what we want to accomplish in life. But have you ever thought about a financial bucket list? Financial professional Brian Mirau talk with Unlock Your Wealth Radio's Heather Wagenhals about what should be on our financial bucket list and tips to reach those goals.

Financial Bucket List:

  1. Create a 6 Month Emergency Fund
  2. Have a Perfect Credit Score
  3. Own Your Home
    • Click here for a mortgage calculator
  4. Be Debt-Free
  5. Create a Financial Plan

Accomplish Your Goals:

  1. Start Small
  2. Cut Unnecessary Expenses
  3. Launch a Snowball

Valentine's Day Money-Saving Date Ideas

If your budget is in the red and you’re feeling blue, you better skip that fancy dinner for two! Financial professional Brian Mirau visited KVIA to share some simple ideas to show our loved ones how much we care without breaking the bank.

  • DIY Date Night (save $100)
  • Skip Gifts (save $25-$50)
  • Make it a Competition (save $80)
  • Click here for more money-saving date ideas!

Market Correction

This February 2018 market correction has many worried. Brian shared some thoughts on the current market situation with NBC KTSM-TV El Paso Proud. Click the video to see more.

How you can get in the giving spirit without breaking the bank

It’s the giving season, and as presents are exchanged and good cheer fills the air many people are looking for a way to give back. Financial professional Brian Mirau talked with KFOX about how we can get in the giving spirit without breaking the bank.

Ways to Give Back
Giving to Others - Make a Budget With A Holiday Budget Worksheet
Giving to Charity - Research Charities & Keep the Receipts
Giving to Yourself - Start an Emergency Fund

Giving Season on a Budget
Giving to Others - Host a Present-Free-Potluck
Giving to Charity - Donate Your Time
Giving to Yourself - Take Some “Me Time”

Read the full article on KFoxTV.

Holiday Budget Worksheet

It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday steals and deals of Black Friday. That’s why financial professional Brian Mirau talked with KFOX about how to survive the mall madness and protect your pocketbook.

Black Friday Survival Guide

  1. Make a Game Plan
  2. Holiday Budget Worksheet Here
  3. Gear Up Your Phone
  4. Ration Your Cash
  5. Ask Questions
  6. Always Be On the Lookout
  7. Document Everything

Holiday Budget Worksheet Download

Read the full article on KFoxTV.

Student Loan Tradeoffs 2017

The thought of giving up Netflix forever might seem extreme, but the majority of college grads say they’d do it if it meant they didn’t have to pay back their student loans. What else beats paying off student loans? Eating only burnt toast for 3 years, no WiFi for 5 years and even swimming in shark-infested waters for an hour! Financial professional Brian Mirau talked with KFOX about better ideas for grads struggling under the weight of student loans:

  1. Start Studying (Click here to for a student loan guide from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)
  2. Don’t Miss Payments
  3. Attack the Debt
  4. Think Long-Term

Read the full article on KFoxTV.

Published articles

Financial Resolutions That Will Actually Stick

A new year is a perfect time to wipe the slate clean and set new financial goals. Brian Mirau talked with GOBankingRates about financial resolutions that are both worthwhile and achievable in 2022.
Click here to read the full story and input from Brian Mirau.

What Higher Rates Mean for REITs

Rising rates can lead to growth for equity real estate investment trusts and trouble for mortgage REITs. Rising interest rates make the cost of financing property more expensive, something that real estate investment trusts understand all too well. Still, if you're thinking of evicting REITs from your portfolio ahead of future rate hikes, there's more to the performance of these investments than higher interest rates might suggest.
Click here to read the full story and input from Brian Mirau.

How to Save for Retirement in the Gig Economy

The traditional nine-to-five job is increasingly giving way to freelancing and side businesses. According to Intuit, the gig economy now accounts for 34 percent of the American workforce and is expected to grow to 43 percent by 2020…

Click here to read the full story.

2016 to Be ‘Cataclysmic’ Year for Investors, Here’s What to Do

A drop in stocks wiped out $1 trillion in January. The World Bank predicted markets are headed for the “perfect storm.” It all reinforces the need for comprehensive retirement income planning and the importance of understanding certain factors just over the horizon. “Sell everything except high quality bonds. The New Year will be cataclysmic for investors and the world is in a global recession…
Click here to read full story.


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