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How you can get in the giving spirit without breaking the bank

It’s the giving season, and as presents are exchanged and good cheer fills the air many people are looking for a way to give back. Financial professional Brian Mirau talked with KFOX about how we can get in the giving spirit without breaking the bank.

Ways to Give Back
Giving to Others - Make a Budget With A Holiday Budget Worksheet
Giving to Charity - Research Charities & Keep the Receipts
Giving to Yourself - Start an Emergency Fund

Giving Season on a Budget
Giving to Others -Host a Present-Free-Potluck
Giving to Charity - Donate Your Time
Giving to Yourself - Take Some “Me Time”

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Holiday Budget Worksheet

It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday steals and deals of Black Friday. That’s why financial professional Brian Mirau talked with KFOX about how to survive the mall madness and protect your pocketbook.

Black Friday Survival Guide

  1. Make a Game Plan
  2. Holiday Budget Worksheet Here
  3. Gear Up Your Phone
  4. Ration Your Cash
  5. Ask Questions
  6. Always Be On the Lookout
  7. Document Everything
Holiday Budget Worksheet Download

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The thought of giving up Netflix forever might seem extreme, but the majority of college grads say they’d do it if it meant they didn’t have to pay back their student loans. What else beats paying off student loans? Eating only burnt toast for 3 years, no WiFi for 5 years and even swimming in shark-infested waters for an hour! Financial professional Brian Mirau talked with KFOX about better ideas for grads struggling under the weight of student loans:

  1. Start Studying (Click here to for a student loan guide from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)
  2. Don’t Miss Payments
  3. Attack the Debt
  4. Think Long-Term
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How to Save for Retirement in the Gig Economy

The traditional nine-to-five job is increasingly giving way to freelancing and side businesses. According to Intuit, the gig economy now accounts for 34 percent of the American workforce and is expected to grow to 43 percent by 2020…
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2016 to Be ‘Cataclysmic’ Year for Investors, Here’s What to Do

A drop in stocks wiped out $1 trillion in January. The World Bank predicted markets are headed for the “perfect storm.” It all reinforces the need for comprehensive retirement income planning and the importance of understanding certain factors just over the horizon. “Sell everything except high quality bonds. The New Year will be cataclysmic for investors and the world is in a global recession…
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